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Focus on accessibility

Modern tourists are looking for tourism offers on the Internet, while also desiring access from their phones and tablets. Let us reach out to them with details of your tours, offers and attractions, which will allow them the chance to quickly and safely buy tickets online.

Focus on elasticity

Along with displaying your offer on the Hello! Poland platform, our partners gain access to a ticketing system that allows them to quickly issue new offers, manage prices and create promotions, as well as a reliable system for validating tickets purchased online.

Focus on security Joining Hello! Poland is free of charge, but risk-free. We only earn money when you start earning money - we only charge a small commission fee agreed with you in advance for every successful transaction that we process.
Focus on visibility Take advantage of attractive advertising packages available to our partners, and attract a wide amount of new visitors to your attraction.

How does it work?

Online sales 1.
Online marketing 2.
Success fee 3.
Analytics 4.
Online sales

Our partners don`t have to create their own online sales tool. Our platform allows partners to opportunity to increase their sales based on a ready-made tool, consisting of an internet market place, a secure transaction system (based on Przelewy24), an offer management panel equipped with full reporting functions and a ticket validation application.

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What do you gain?

  • Access to new flows of tourism
  • A ready-to-use tool to sell tourism services online
  • Internet marketing campaigns
  • Partners pay only a small commission fee after successful sales transactions
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