Christmas guided walks

Christmas guided walks

Christmas is coming fast and the New Year is on its heels. Everyone is eagerly waiting for Christmas gluttony (ah, those lovely Polish dumplings!), as well as gifts and a few days of rest. How to spend your time so that after Christmas you do not feel even more tired after sitting in front of the TV, after discussions about politics and non-stop food! Check out our Christmas guided walks with Hello Poland.

It is worth planning your time for outdoor activities, especially since the weather is still agreeable and meteorologists do not announce great snow and frost. That is why walks around Wroclaw organized by Hello Poland between Christmas and New Year are a great idea. It is also a great idea to show Wroclaw to visiting guests.

The silver treasure returns to the Wroclaw Cathedral

Pepole on our tours, as one of the first, will be able to see the legendary treasure of the Wroc≥aw cathedral – a late-Renaissance silver altar, returning to its place of honor after many years. The silver altar was commissioned by Bishop Jerin in 1591 for a dizzying 10,000 thalers. The authors of the work were the goldsmith Paul Nitsch and the painter Bartholomaeus Fichtenberger. The altar was dismantled during World War II and it was only in 2017 that it saw the light of day again at the exhibition “Treasury. Goldsmithery of the Wroc≥aw Archcathedral îpresented by the National Museum in Wroc≥aw.

The unveiling ceremony of the altar and its dedication will take place on December 24, 2019 during the Midnight Mass, so the participants of the walk will be one of its first admirers. The licensed city guide – Mrs. Iwona Stec – will present the fascinating history of its creation and reconstruction. Then the group will stroll along the alleys and streets of Cathedral Island, imagining what it once looked like and what the stories are hidden here.

The walk will take place on December 25 and January 1 at 14:00. The meeting point is the main entrance to the cathedral.

Guided tour around the Wroclaw station in search of platform 9 and 3

The Main Station is one of the most characteristic buildings of Wroclaw. The huge, yellow edifice has been welcoming travelers coming to the city for years. On our walk with the licensed city guide, Mrs. Iwona Stec, you can learn all the secrets, look into the most mysterious recesses and hear related fairy tales, stories and legends, and fans of fantasy, Harry Potter, dragons and gnomes will find something for themselves.

The walk will take place on December 28 and will start at noon in the main hall of the station.

Wroclaw fairy tales and legends – Christmas walk

Wojtek Zalewski, an expert on Wroclaw legends, fairy tales and more, will lead an unusual and fairy-tale Christmas walk around magical Wroc≥aw. Our beautiful city is a treasury of wonderful stories, and Mr. Zalewski knows them all. We will listen to stories about the Witches Bridge, also known as the Penitents Bridge, that connect the towers of the church of Mary Magdalene. We’ll look at Cathedral Island at the Kluskowa Gate and find out where the name comes from. We will visit the smallest museum of Wroc≥aw in Gretel’s tenement house. We’ll even meet a ghost – the University White Lady. We’ll check how the Wroclaw gnomes are doing.

The walk will take place on the first day of Christmas. Strollers meet punctually at 16:00 under the pillory (column) next to the Town Hall in the Market Square.

Come with us!

Spend this beautiful Christmas time with us. Let’s get to know our beautiful, mysterious city full of history together and choose Christmas guided walks. We wish you the most beautiful, fragrant Christmas tree and spent in the group of beloved people at Christmas!

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