Christmas markets – a beautiful Christmas tradition

Christmas markets – a beautiful Christmas tradition

The Christmas market – the most beautiful Christmas tradition

The Christmas market is a tradition derived from the medieval German-speaking countries of Europe. The atmosphere of the Christmas market is unique. They perfectly introduce visitors to the festive mood. That is why fairs have become popular all over Europe. However, the best fairs still take place in Central Europe, especially in Germany and Austria. That is why we invite you on a journey through the most beautiful, festive, colorful and interesting Christmas markets in Europe.

The largest Christmas market – Vienna

Twenty Christmas markets take place in Vienna during Advent. The largest Christmas market takes place on the town hall market. Tourists can find 150 stalls with traditional Austrian food and drink, Christmas decorations and handicrafts. The so-called Adventzauber takes place at the fair with workshops and performances for children and families. One of the biggest attractions is the large ice rink. It occupies a 3000m space, taking up two squares and paths running through the neighboring park.

Other fairs take place in such picturesque places as in front of the Schˆnbrunn Palace, on Karlsplatz, in front of the Belvedere Palace and on Maria-Theresien-Platz. Each of them has a slightly different character and presents tourists with its own unique offer. For example, the Christmas market in front of the Schˆnbrunn Palace presents Austrian handicrafts and a cultural offer. Karlsplatz – artistic products, attractions for children and a mini-zoo.

The most delicious Christmas market – Prague

Prague boasts as many as six Christmas markets that operate every day from November 30 until January 6. It is worth knowing that the most important of them are located on the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. Another four, smaller ones, on Republic Square, Havel Square, Kampa Island and in front of St. George’s Basilica.

At the fairs you can taste traditional Czech Christmas dishes, buy handicrafts – ceramics, jewelry, laces, toys and clothes, as well as Christmas decorations. Czech beer – Pilsner Urquell, Staropramen or Budvar, mead, mulled wine, hot chocolate and grog cannot be missing .

At the Old Town Square you can look at the Christmas crib with live animals and listen to the choirs’ performances singing the most beautiful Christmas carols. The fair is decorated with a beautifully decorated, huge Christmas tree.

Traditional Christmas market – Nuremberg

The market in Nuremberg is one of the oldest in Europe. The first pre-Christmas events took place here in the 16th century. To this day, the fair enchants residents and tourists, filling them with a festive atmosphere. The fair is distinguished by an impressive opening ceremony and unique traditions. According to tradition, the fair is opened by “Christkind” – a young Nuremberg resident chosen in a complicated recruitment process.

Stands offer a wide range of products – from gingerbread to Christmas decorations.

A special attraction of the fair is a ride in a yellow carriage pulled by a pair of horses. This carriage is a replica of the vehicle from 1874, built in 1939. For 25 years the coachman is the same man – Heinz Lehneis. Gerhard Pickel usually sits next to him, entertaining guests with a game on the golden horn. In this way, tourists can admire the fair, sitting comfortably in the padded seats.

The most numerous Christmas markets – Berlin

You can see here not one but over seventy fairs! Tourists can choose between roofed and open air fairs. Visit traditional and historical fairs. Such for children, modern or nostalgic. Fairs are hidden in virtually every corner and in every district of the city. It is worth going outside the center and Alexanderplatz and see what smaller and less known markets offer. There will be something for every guest!

The largest traditional market can be found in Spandau. At weekends, the number of seats reaches even four hundred. Artists perform on stage, and the old city is illuminated by a million lights. In the center of the market stands a wonderful Christmas tree. You can buy handicrafts and Christmas treats here. In addition, a festive rock concert for adults is held here, while the children will love the stable with live animals.

The most famous, historical Christmas market takes place on the market square in Gendarmenmarkt . It is worth visiting, because you can even find glass blowers and origami masters here! The nostalgic market in Opernpalais is a place where artists from all over the world gather. You can also taste here such delicacies as roasted almonds. At the Advent Fair Dom‰ne Dahlem we will meet representatives of traditional professions – blacksmiths, potters, luthiers and weavers. We warm our hands by the fire, buy regional, organic products, as well as a Christmas tree! Lovers of sustainable development and an ecological lifestyle should go to the Eco Fair at Kollwitzplatz.

Before visiting it is worth checking the opening days and hours, as some fairs are open only on certain days of the week.

The oldest Christmas market – Dresden

The Striezelmarkt in Dresden is the oldest German market that dates back to the 15th century. In 2019, the fair in Dresden’s Old Market Square will open its doors for the 585th time! For so many years it has grown into traditions, especially related to the local industry, primarily mining, pottery and carpentry. One of them is the Christmas arch with candles and figurines. Apparently it refers to candles hung at the entrance to the mine on the last day before Christmas. Apart from it, there are 10 other, less known, but no less attractive, fairs in the city. Traditional, medieval, “apres-ski” … each of them offers a unique and unique experience.

The Magical Christmas Market – Wrocław

The most beautiful fair in Poland, taking place in the historic Old Market Square and Salt Square in Wroclaw. Adults will also find delicious food, aromatic mulled wine and exotic delicacies, beautiful handicrafts and traditional products, and children must necessarily look at the Fairytale Forest, where, in the two-story Santa’s house, they will be able to see busy elves preparing gifts.

At the fair there will be plenty of places where you can warm up by the fireplace and drink mulled wine or beer. On the market stage there will be artistic performances, and during the event there will also be parades with Santa Claus, elves and carolers.

The fair is patronized by fulfilling dreams, Wroclaw’s gnome.

This year, the Christmas market lasts until New Year’s Eve!

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