Lower Silesia – attractions for children

Lower Silesia – attractions for children

Are you going to Lower Silesia and looking for attractions for children? Below, you will find some tips on how to spend an interesting day in Lower Silesia with children.

Everyone knows the main family attractions of Wroc≥aw: the world-renowned Wroc≥aw Zoo, the multimedia fountain, the Aquapark. Sometimes, however, we want to go outside the city, change the environment a bit and see something new. So let’s take advantage of the last days of summer or the warm days of our golden autumn to get to know the fascinating Lower Silesia and its lesser known attractions.

  1. The Railway Museum in Jaworzyna ålπska

The perfect destination for every railway lover – and who doesn’t love steam locomotives? Locomotives from various angles and periods, a historic locomotive and turntable, exhibitions and even a rail snow plow can be seen on site. The museum is run by true steam rail enthusiasts, and the tour includes guided tours. It is worth taking part, because the guides are people with extraordinary knowledge and the gift of passing it on.

In the period from October to April you can also ride a historic steam engine. Rides on the Steam Route take place on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at 12:00 and 14:00.

Adults will pay 22 PLN for tickets, and 15 PLN for children and youth. Children under three enter free.

  1. Osówka underground city

The underground city of Osówka is a fragment of the huge Riese complex, built by the Germans in 1943 – 45 in the mysterious Owl Mountains. Over the past twenty years, the facility has been partially opened to tourists. Currently, 1500m of corridors, excavations, halls and bunkers are available. The attraction is constantly enriched with new, often interactive elements. A Secret and Adventure Center with an audiovisual room, parking, restaurant and other amenities is also available.

Qualified guide staff guarantee you an unforgettable experience of your stay in the Underground City of OsÛwka.

Visitors have a choice of several routes, such as Historic, Extreme, Riese Expedition, and Educational. The routes include elements of the field game – orientation in the field, performing tasks, treasure hunting, and – in the case of the Riese and Extreme Expeditions – extreme sports. Prior booking is required for all routes except Historic.

Please note that the tour takes place underground and in the field. Even in the case of the easiest route, it’s good to stock up on good shoes and warm clothes.

The mysterious Underground City of G≥uszyca – the OsÛwka Complex can be visited all year round, except on the first day of Easter, the first day of Christmas and All Saints’ Day.

A normal ticket for the Historic Route costs 21 PLN , a reduced ticket – 18 PLN , and a group ticket 16 PLN . Other routes require prior registration.

  1. Silver Mountain Fortress

The Silver Mountain Fortress was established in 1765 – 1777, as one of the most modern fortifications of contemporary Europe. The facility consists of six forts and several bastions. In the center there is a defensive tower. The fortress was completely self-sufficient. Her numerous rooms housed warehouses, nine wells, an armory, a chapel, a prison, a hospital, a bakery, a brewery, craft workshops and a powder magazine. There were from 3756 to even 5000 soldiers in the fort.

During its long history, the fortress has been a silent witness to many clashes, wars and world-shaking events. She saw the war for the Bavarian succession, the Napoleonic wars, the Prussian-Austrian war. In 1867, the history of the fortress as a military object officially ended. Soon after, efforts began to use the facility for tourist purposes. Currently, the fortress is considered a historical monument. It is entered in the register of landmarks and is protected as a cultural park, while the Heavy Weapons Museum operates in its area.

Various festivals and concerts take place in the fortress, such as the annual Fortress Festival. A huge attraction is the reconstruction of the battle of the Prussian army with the Napoleonic army from 1807. Guided tours are available, wearing the historical uniform of a Prussian infantry regiment from the Napoleonic era, live history lessons, packages for groups, night tours and a historical shooting range.

The area of ??the fortress is often uneven and the temperature in the underground is 10 ∞ C. As with the OsÛwka Complex, remember to bring warm clothing with you and wear solid footwear.

Ticket prices range from 25 PLN (normal) to 17 PLN (reduced). We will pay 72 PLN for a family ticket.

  1. Zloty Stok Gold Mine

The mine has such a long and rich history that it is impossible to put it in a few words. The first traces of extraction of deposits from before 2000 BC were found here. The excavation of gold confirmed by records has taken place here since 1273. The mines were changing hands, and their fortunes were and are inseparably connected with Lower Silesia. It is worth remembering that they had their years of prosperity and prosperity, interspersed with periods of bad luck, tragic accidents and mining failures. The nearby town flourished or declined along with the mine. In addition, there was also a smelter and mint here. Interestingly, during the glory years, around 8% of all European gold production was made in Z≥oty Stok.

The deposits in this place are not only gold, but also arsenic. For many years, the mines were the main supplier of arsenic in the world.

The facility was closed in 1962. During its 700 years of activity, 16 tonnes of pure gold have been mined here. The mines were abandoned for another 35 years. They were reopened – this time for visitors – in 1996. To this day, four mines are open to the public: Gertruda, Czarna GÛrna, Czarna Dolna and Ochrowa.

Over the years, the mines have developed into legends and stories. The guides tell stories about the spirit of Gertrude who went missing while trying to save her husband.

In addition to the historical mines and equipment themselves, the mines abound with additional attractions. These include, among others, an eight-meter slide, an underground boat ride, gold panning, gold bar casting shows and an Underground Orange Tram.

The tour takes place with a guide. Tickets cost 29 PLN (normal) and 22 PLN (reduced). Here, too, remember to bring warm clothes and good shoes.

  1. Explora Park

Explora Park was created for children (and adults) that are fascinated by the world of numbers, mathematics, geometry and logic. Therefore, you can spend many hours here, solving various logic puzzles, arranging constructions from various blocks and learning the laws of mathematics and physics. The property also offers birthdays and lessons for pre-school, school and youth children. The Explora Park staff are people involved in their work, enthusiasts of mathematics and logic.

The facility is open all week from 10:00 to 18:00. Normal tickets cost 25 PLN, concessionary tickets 22 PLN, Children under three enter free.

The above attractions are only a fraction of what Lower Silesia offers to families, and each of them will ensure good fun for visitors of all ages. Or maybe you have already been to one of them and want to share your impressions with us?

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