The Hilltop Town of Trzebnica

The Hilltop Town of Trzebnica

Most visitors to Wrocław are unaware of the presence of Trzebnica, a charming hilltop town situated only 30 kilometres away (40 minutes by train) from the centre of Wroclaw.

The known history of the town begins in 1138, when it was mentioned in a document relating to the local governor, Peter Wlast. After this, Trzebnica endured a chaotic history, with the town changing hands between various occupiers depending on the wider military situation in Lower Silesia. The frequent border changes meant that Trzebnica was always located on or near the border, and the the town was repeatedly destroyed as a result.

Today, Trzebnica lies safely within the Trzebnica hills, and is widely considered to be one of the pearls of Lower Silesia.

The highlight of any trip to Trzebnica is the Sanctuary of Saint Jagwiga, which was founded as far back as 1203. As the town suffered, so did the convent, which managed to suffer devastating fires on no less than seven occasions. The Thirty Years War also inflicted terrible damage upon the convent, and this pattern was to continue all the way up until 1945. Finally, with Trzebnica coming under Polish jurisdiction, the sanctuary has entered a period of calm, and the abbey church is now one of the most visited attractions in the town alongside the convent.

Another popular attraction is the newly-renovated Market Square, which features an excellent restaurant and the Town Hall, which was constructed in an Eclectic style in 1868 and is notable for a remarkable museum belonging to the regional museum dedicated to the history of the area, including notable archeological finds.

Visitors to Trzebnica can relax by visiting the remarkable Trzebnica-Zdrój water park, which combines indoor and outdoor pools to create an all year attraction. The water park also contains a sport pool, while people that need to recover from illness or injury can book a combined hotel and rehabilitation stay. There are also several saunas on site, and several spectacular outside water slides provide a complete family attraction.

Those interested in walking will find the Trzebnica Hills to offer a wonderful range of walks, including the possibility of visiting Ciemna Góra (Dark Mountain) and the beautiful Góra Połaniec (Połaniec Mountain) among many others. These hills are particularly suited for those that enjoy mountain biking, particularly as the landscape varies between forest and open fields.

You may also discover some of the various palaces and castles that lie nearby, including Castle Dobroszyce and the beautifully renovated Brzeźno Palace. Most of all, tourists should discover the unknown Barycz Valley, which has one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Poland and yet remains almost completely undiscovered by interantional tourists.

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