Tourist attractions in Jelenia Góra

Tourist attractions in Jelenia Góra

Jelenia Góra is a small town picturesquely situated at the foot of the mountains, which is the real gate of the Giant Mountains. The tourist attractions in Jelenia GÛra attract tourists from Poland and abroad. Although they are not as crowded as Karpacz or Szklarska PorÍba, they are equally attractive and worth visiting. The city abounds in worth seeing, though little known monuments, and the surroundings are ideal for practicing all kinds of sports. It is worth trying, among others, horse riding, motor, air and extreme sports , or even walking or cycling trips in the beautiful nature.

In the city

The central point of Jelenia Góra is the Town Hall Square, and there is, of course, the 18th-century Town Hall building, and around the square there is a wreath of charming, Baroque tenement houses. Seven tenements adjoin the Town Hall building, connected to it by a covered porch at the height of the first floor. The city council bought them for their needs at the beginning of the 20th century. In front of the Town Hall stands a fountain with Neptune, celebrating the excellent relations of urban merchants with overseas countries. It was built in the nineteenth century, on the site of a former city well.

Near the Town Hall Square you will find the Minor Basilica. It is the oldest temple in the city, built in the fourteenth century, although it received its present shape only 100 years later.

Another sacred monument worth visiting is the Church of Grace. Exaltation of the Holy Cross. In the aftermath of the Thirty Years’ War and taking away 656 churches from Protestants, the Swedish King Charles XII and the Catholic Emperor of Austria concluded in 1707 the final layout in Altranst‰dt. According to it, Silesian Protestants had the right to build six churches. The Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross is just one of them. A picturesque park extends around the temple, which until the end of the 19th century was a city cemetery. You can still find nineteen Baroque tombstones from the 18th century, which were built for the richest townspeople from Jelenia GÛra. The chapels delight with their late Baroque interior and openwork portals.

Near the center there is a newer attraction – Time Gates – Time Gates . A trip in time and space was organized in the mysterious underground complex. Thanks to this, guests can learn about the history of Lower Silesia and the Giant Mountains, shown in an attractive, interactive form. The underground adventure is a combination of elements of adventure, history, science and legends.

Beyond the center

After a walk through the streets of the old town, it’s worth looking beyond its borders, because the Cieplice district is not too far from the center. In 1976 it was a separate, spa town. Here you will find shots of thermal healing waters, reaching the highest temperature in Poland up to 86 degrees Celsius. You can visit the Aquapark Termy Cieplickie with pools supplied with thermal water, with slides, a wild river, outdoor pools and a sauna.

Right next to it lies the picturesque Norwegian Park. It was founded by the owner of a paper machine factory, Eugen F¸llner. A dragon-style pavilion was built in the park, the fruit of Mr F¸llner’s infatuation with Norway. Traces of this fascination can be found in his name – Norwegian Pavilion. From the pavilion you can go to a charming pond, and from there to the flood dam, from where you can admire the panorama of the Giant Mountains.

A little further from the center, already in the Karkonosze National Park, lies an impregnable fortress – Chojnik Castle. Currently, we will find picturesque ruins here. However, not much is needed to imagine an impressive stone stronghold that was built in the fourteenth century on the mountain of the same name. The castle was expanded many times over the centuries. He resisted subsequent wars and sieges. Unfortunately, on August 31, 1675, he was struck by lightning. The upper castle and the top of the tower burned down. After this catastrophe, the castle no longer rose from the ruins, but became a tourist attraction for patients from a nearby spa. Therefore, in 1860 in the northern part you will find a tourist hostel. The castle is worth visiting especially in June, when the knightly tournament “For the Golden Belt of the Chojnik Castle” is organized.

The biggest advantage of Jelenia GÛra is its incredibly picturesque location in a valley surrounded by mountains, on the edge of the Karkonosze National Park, because wonderful hiking trails are just at your fingertips. That is why a trip to this area is best enriched with a walking, horse or bike trip around the beautiful surroundings of Jelenia GÛra. In addition, the relatively mild terrain makes it an ideal place for all the family regardless of age or physical condition.

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